Why should i care about my health records?

Doctors & nurses care, hospitals care, and insurance companies care.  Additionally, lots of money is being spent to purchase, implement, and use the electronic health record (EHR).  It's their job to care because it's their job.  As the patient, you should care because you have the most to lose.  If our lives are shortened due to failure to care for our bodies, perhaps we need incentives to increase our engagement level.  The Health eCommunity is exporing ways to help the community care more. [ can we be a company like achievers to award "points" for healthy behaviors? ]

As patients, we should care because we have the most to lose.

There's a paradigm shift taking place in health care. Whereas, in times past, the medical doctor and the nurse bore the brunt of the responsibility for a person's well-being. Today, indivdiuals are playing a more active role. In today's health care market, the patient is expected to be an engaged player in matters of his health. Clinicians are focused on wellness. The thought becomes "if we keep the patient healthy we keep illness away". The idea is to encourage well living in order to prevent illness. The EHR is valuable because it has your medical history in one place.